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A total of 12 business events will be held during PARIVARTAN 2022. These events entice the greatest number of students, ranging from 2000 to 3000 every year. Sponsorships for specific events are available.

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As a part of the competition, a business/ sustainability-related case study will be floated, and the participants will be expected to provide suitable solutions for the use case. The competition tests the knowledge of the individual teams in various business domains and analyses their ability to come upwith practical case solutions.

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A wireframe is a 2D representation of a digital product. Product managers are not product designers but play a significant role during the design process by defining feature requirements. Wireframes can help you translate these feature requirements into a sketch that illustrates what the product or feature will do.

So Maquette brings the opportunity for you to get into the attire of a designer and come up with some super cool aesthetic designs!

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Feed your inner strategist by solving a compelling and challenging case. Bright ideas shape the destiny of the companies. Bring your brilliant ideas to the table and help solve a real-world problem while taking home rewards for being the best.


Spirit‘22 is a Business Plan Pitching Competition gives you the perfect window to flesh out ideas and evince the potential of your futuristic propositions. This event will give a platform to all the participants to pitch their business ideas before a panel comprising industry experts.This B-Plan doesn’t have to be from any particular domain. It is entirely your choice to choose any domain.

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Opvasion, an exclusive event for all the operations and supply chain enthusiasts. The event will provide the students with an opportunity to apply their operations and supplychain knowledge to solve case studies and win exciting prizes. The competition evaluates your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. 

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Market Wizards - The
Stock Market Competition

Market Wizards is a National-level stock trading simulation competition which will be conducted on virtual trading platform where participants get a chance to trade in live market with the virtual cash provided.

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“The only source of knowledge is experience.”                       - Albert Einstein
Needless to say, the above quote is applicable to MBA professionals as well. DMS IIT Delhi gives you an opportunity to experience facing real-world industry problems beforehand through which you can boost your business knowledge. Come and conquer!

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Future Hack

“Future Hack” is coming to you as an interactive online experience. An analytics event that seeks to empower young leaders to take effective and fool proof business decisions. You’ll surely find yourself engaged and excited throughout the event. Showcase your business skills coupled with the ability to foresee the future.

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Arth-Shastra, DMS IIT Delhi, is hosting an online case study competition. Put your knowledge and instincts about banking, the stock market, and monetary and financial systems around the world to the test. Some of the significant financial crises in history have had far-reaching consequences in every element of our social lives. If you think you've got what it takes to solve a real-time case study about the financial ramifications of a banking or financial blunder then this is for you.

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Set your Asset

Can you make the right decisions and increase your worth, while risking all you have?
If yes, join us and get a chance to learn and witness the real-life experiences of Portfolio Management, Asset Allocation, Risk Management, Liquidity, Fundamental understanding of the markets, principles of Risk and Return, and much more.

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Speculo is a Latin word that means ‘Mirror’. This event is designed for the participants to peer into themselves and find out what makes them unique. The event will eventually help them to build a holistic profile of themselves and make them ready for the most asked question ‘Tell me about Yourself’. 


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Every day in today's business world presents a new challenge. Your decisions have the potential to make the future of the firm with which you are affiliated. Ad Marque – The Marketing club of DMS IIT Delhi brings to you a fabulous chance to showcase the marketeer in you. You think you know companies just by the hum or tagline of a product or the one strategic decision that would change the game for a company, we have got everything covered. Participate in the competition to win cash prizes.